Advertisement on motorways

Advertise in an ad-free surrounding

Colourful truck tarpaulins with creative motifs and humorous slogans are a welcoming change on monotonous motorway rides. Therefore, truck advertisement gained more sympathy than other forms of OOH ads. In the usually ad-free surrounding on motorways and country roads truck advertisement is an ideal marketing opportunity. Alternatives of motorway ads like advertising towers or advertising signs must keep a specific distance to the actual motorway. Whereas our trucks are an active part of the traffic on the road. This makes it inevitable to see them. Our trucks attract attention and represent advertisements unrivalled.

Our 40 tons of advertisement power are perfect for advertisement in traffic jams or pull-ins. The trucks attract a lot of views. One truck gains about 1 million views per month. Providing 80 qm of creative advertisement space, the truck is salient in every surrounding. For example, McMakler uses truck advertisement to inform about their offers.

The size of the truck connotes to the size of the brand. People on motorway rides suppose that the product is transported in the trucks and is wanted on the market. When a product fills truck loads than it has to have a good quality.

Individual routes

The routes of the trucks are individually controllable. For every campaign can be selected if the ads should roll in the whole DACH area, a specific region or in a selected city.

Our trucks are perfect for successful motorway ads. The giant size of the trucks achieves additional attention in the otherwise ad-free surrounding.