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LKW-Werbung mit L’Oréal
Truck advertisement completes the Media-Mix
Truck advertisement persuades with a giant and striking advertisement space. While parking and driving...
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Wirkung von Außenwerbung
The impact of OOH advertisement
OOH impact study 2022: Be emotional The Fachverband Außenwerbung conducted a study to explore the impact...
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Testimonials in der Außenwerbung
Testimonials in OOH advertisements
Thomas Gottschalk, George Clooney und Meister Propper. With no doubt everybody is able to connect those...
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Mobilität und Einkommen
Mobility and income
Connection between mobility and income There is a connection between the mobility and the income of...
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Mobile Außenwerbung mit LKW´s
Mobile Out-of-Home advertisement with trucks
Mobile Out-of-Home advertisement Buses, trains, cabs, and trucks are famous examples of mobile Out-of-Home...
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Recruiting Kampagnen
Recruiting campaigns using trucks
Companies present themselves as employers Recently recruiting campaigns are getting more important...
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Autobahnwerbung mit LKW´s
Advertisement on motorways
Advertise in an ad-free surrounding Colourful truck tarpaulins with creative motifs and humorous slogans...
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Kreative Außenwerbung
Creative Out-of-Home advertisement
Creativity defines in marketing as an original, innovative, and unique depiction. The unusual productions...
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Guerilla Werbung
Guerilla marketing using trucks
Consumers are daily flooded by an enormous number of advertising messages. So, it is very hard for advertisers...
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Crossmedia marketing
Crossmedia marketing- connection of analogue and digital marketing If you are launching a product,...
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Steigerung der Markenbekanntheit mit Außenwerbung
Heightening the brand awareness
You conduct a marketing campaign to achieve a heightening of the brand awareness and attention, improve...
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Lifestyle & Marketing
Do you know the beer brand Beck´s? – They represent an adventurous lifestyle, freedom and passion. You...
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Mit OOH durch die Krise
Using OOH advertisement to survive the crisis
OOH advertisement is important in hard times because it provides a big audience and a resistance in crisis....
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Das stetige Wachstum der OOH-Branche
The steady growth of the OOH branch
Since 1975 there is a steady growth of the OOH branch. OOH advertisement produces in 2020 988 million...
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OnTruck’s climate goals
We´ve made it our mission to produce climate positive campaigns. Therefore, we asked Planetly for support....
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OnTruck in local print media
Raphael Camara is very successful with a start-up in Berlin. The company produces climate neutral Out-of-Home...
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Partner für nachhaltiges Marketing
OnTruck & Planetly
Berlin, 4th November 2020- OnTruck and Planetly settled a cooperation to be able to compensate carbon...
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"Come to the Autobahn" campaign
OnTruck celebrates a new cooperation in Employer Branding. Together with our first state customer ”Die...
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OnTruck expands its group of shareholders
Fabian Ernst is now a shareholder at OnTruck. Ernst will be responsible for the whole Sales and Marketing...
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OnTruck expands its selection with LED trucks
Berlin, 20th June- OnTruck, the fastest growing provider for mobile Out-of-Home advertisement, expands...
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OnTruck became market leader and profitable in 2 years
The company already caused a stir in 2018 and now creates a next excitement. In 2019 OnTruck became market...
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