Mobility and income

Connection between mobility and income

There is a connection between the mobility and the income of employed persons. Impactful marketing is supposed to arouse an interest in a product. It should evoke the urgent need to consume the product or to own the product. If that wish exists, a person just needs enough money to be able to purchase it.

The connection between mobility and income is addressed in a result report of the Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur. One half of the occupational mobility is caused of the way between the workspace and home. Those commutes are on average 16 km. Particularly striking is the fact that the length of the way rises with the amount of the income. The other half of occupational mobility is caused by ways or travelling while practicing the profession.

Besides, academics and higher income populations undertake more and longer business trips. The higher the educational qualifications and the income, the higher is the traffic volume in occupational mobility.

Out of the 13,7 million commuters in Germany about 700.000 are long distance commuters.

There is a difference in long distance commuters regarding the economic status and the educational background in Germany. Long distance commuting is 3 times higher in households with a higher income and academics than in other population groups.

The Institut für Mobilitätsforschung creates a graphic that shows the traffic volume per household in 2003 and as a forecast for 2025. The graphic shows the connection between the household traffic volume and the net income. The results show that with an increasing income, the mobility increases as well.

Conclusion for Out of Home advertisement

The connection between mobility and income emphasizes the impact of mobile OOH advertisements. The higher the income and the educational achievements, the longer is the occupational mobility length. Besides the length and the frequency of business trips is higher. The employed persons with a high income are very mobile and it is a good idea to try to persuade them with giant, bold and rolling Out-of-Home advertisement.