Creative Out-of-Home advertisement

Creativity defines in marketing as an original, innovative, and unique depiction. The unusual productions are supposed to attract attention. At the same time the consumers should be encouraged to profoundly interact with the ad. Salient truck tarpaulins are perfectly suited for creative OOH ads.

Study : Creativity, attention and. The memory for brands

In the article “Creativity, attention and the memory for brands: an outdoor advertising field study” by Rick T. Wilson, Daniel W. Baack and Brian D. Till has been investigated how creativity, attention and the memory for brands are interlinked.

The results of the study show that there is a saliency threshold. This threshold must be crossed, so the consumers can perceive the advertisement. Hence the attention of the consumers already should have been on the ad, for the creativity to work. The study shows that if the ad already was seen by the consumers than the creative depiction could reinforce the advertising effect.

The field of view of the consumers of OOH ads is constantly changing. Therefore, factors that increase the saliency of the ad are particularly important. According to the study the size of the ad is crucial. The bigger an ad is, the more can be guaranteed that it has the power of catching views of the consumers. Especially in always changing fields of views bigger objects are more salient.

Ad-giants support creative OOH advertisements

Truck advertisement provides a successful combination of creativity and saliency of OOH ads. Therefore, the advertising effect can be optimized, and a strong brand image is evoked in the head of the consumers. The advertisement giants reinforce creative OOH ads by grabbing attention and representing ads impressively. Size matters!