Heightening the brand awareness

You conduct a marketing campaign to achieve a heightening of the brand awareness and attention, improve the brand image, increase brand familiarity, and convince the customers to purchase the product. Out of home advertisement is best suited to reach those campaign goals.

Advertising impact study Key2OOH

The Fachverband Aussenwerbung conducted an advertising impact study called Key2OOH. They investigated the advertising effect that OOH has in dependence of the existing brand strength and the used advertising pressure. Unknown brands have a small brand strength. Whereas famous brands like Coca-Cola have a high brand strength.

The study shows that there is a connection between the impact of OOH ads, the brand strength and the already used number of media. Nevertheless, when used OOH ads there always have been a heightening of the campaign performance.

KPIs represent the Heightening of brand awareness

Especially brands and products that did not have a high brand strength and media use already, there is a strong increase in every KPI. If a brand had a small brand strength and used a high advertising pressure it shows a heightening of awareness of 35%. The Call-to-action parameter shows that the customers will purchase the product at the next opportunity or that they will get further information about the brand. It increases about.     20 %. Besides, even factors that are only influenceable in long-term were increased. Those heighten about 10 %. If a brand has no strong brand awareness yet, then the use of OOH ads produced a high increase in all campaign parameters.

Product launches using OOH advertisements

OOH-advertisements are perfect, to roll on a campaign for a new product or a new brand. Especially in beverage industry, retail trade and in the tourism branch you can achieve especially high results in all investigated KPIs using OOH.

If you are planning a launch, a relaunch or you will be a new brand, using OOH increases the brand awareness and attention very fast. Brands with yet small awareness achieve above average profit using OOH advertisements.