Recruiting campaigns using trucks

Companies present themselves as employers

Recently recruiting campaigns are getting more important for companies. It gets more challenging to recruit enough qualified stuff. Whole economic sectors suffer caused by the skills shortage. Especially in a lot of handicraft trades there is a big lack of qualified personal. OOH advertisement provides a big audience and therefore is ideal for recruiting campaigns. Companies can make themselves known as an appealing employer. An effective recruiting is a basic requirement to stay at the market. Therefore, companies must adjust their strategies towards the increasingly mobile lifestyle of the population.

Truck advertisement connects employees with jobs

The routes of our campaigns can be selected individually in the DACH states. Therefore, they are excellent implementable in recruiting campaigns. You can choose if the campaign should roll through the whole nation or if you just want to select specific states or cities. The running time of the campaign can be chosen individually as well.

Truck advertisement represent brands in the rush hours. Recruiting campaigns in cities are best presented with our City-trucks. Commuters are attained with 80 qm giant tarpaulins outside the cities. If you use recruiting campaigns in the rush hour, you are direct part of the target audience you want to recruit.

Due to the mobility and the size of the driving giants they differ from other advertisement opportunities. As a mobile advertisement medium, they can be implemented in job fairs or other recruiting events. Especially big companies like the Deutsche Bahn with about 200.000 employees or Sixt with about 5000 employers can benefit of recruiting campaigns using trucks, because they always need qualified staff. It is a good strategy for retail traders as well, best exemplified with our HR campaign with Aldi.

Recruiting campaigns via truck advertisement attract attention in the target audience. They achieve about 1 million views per truck per month. Truck advertisement implements itself perfectly in the daily life of employed people. It helps to bring careers rolling!