Using OOH advertisement to survive the crisis

OOH advertisement is important in hard times because it provides a big audience and a resistance in crisis. Especially messages and information that are important for the whole population are best transmitted via OOH! Recently test centres, AHA-campaigns or vaccination campaigns chose to advertise in train stations, on house fronts or used vehicle advertisement and truck advertisement.

The various opportunities that OOH advertisement offers, results in the resistance of the branch in times of crisis. Ambient Media, posters, vehicle advertisement, truck advertisement, digital opportunities and more can be discovered. The broad selection contains a suitable medium for every campaign. OOH advertisement is implemented in the daily life of people. If people go shopping, if they go to school or work, if they are at the gym or even if they are on the motorway, they look at OOH advertisements. It is omnipresent. This quality helps to spread campaigns in times of crisis and provides the opportunity to reach out to people of every age.

Advertisers should take advantage of the fact that the people conquer the cities since the pandemic rules were loosened. They walk through the streets and are excited about new impressions. According to a press announcement of the Statistische Bundesamt from the 8th of July 2021 was the mobility in Germany in June 2021 on national average higher than in the same month in 2019. The urgent need to see something new is investigated in a study of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America. 45 % of the respondents state that they recognize OHH and DOOH advertisement more often than before the pandemic. 7 out of 10 respondents claim that they have higher awareness of their surroundings when they are out of home now.

Especially smaller local stores should use Out of Home advertisement right now. The FAW did a trend analysis in cooperation with the agency outmaxx media. The results show that 74% of the respondents are determined and happy to support local stores, the local gastronomy, and the local service sector like hairstylists.

Everybody just wants to leave their home. They want to conquer the cities, eat at restaurants, and want to be around people. Everybody is attracted to go outside and wants to see something new. That should be used by advertisers. They should satisfy the greed of people for something new and use creative posters, cheerful slogans, or vibrant truck tarpaulins to embellish the cities.