Mobile Out-of-Home advertisement with trucks

Mobile Out-of-Home advertisement

Buses, trains, cabs, and trucks are famous examples of mobile Out-of-Home advertisement. Mobile advertising mediums reach out to a broad audience made up by people of every age. Besides, everybody is inevitably in touch with OOH ads in their daily lives.

Mobile Out-of-Home advertisement differentiates from other opportunities and attracts lots of attention from consumers. The advertising medium has a high acceptance and is incorporated in cities and rural surroundings. Because of the increasing mobility of the population, mobile OOH ads are even more efficient.

Truck advertisement

Due to the mobility of the driving giants, they reach out towards a broad audience. One truck scores about 1 million views per month. Everybody is part of the public traffic in daily life and is inevitably in touch with our City-trucks in the cities or our giant trucks on the motorways.

Because there are no other advertisements on the motorways you can attract a lot of attention with 80 qm giant ads. Our City-trucks offer the opportunity to use mobile advertisement space in the cities. They reach out to car drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. City-trucks convince with 40 qm advertisement space. For example, OCB as one of the most famous cigarette paper producers, launched a new paper with a City-truck in a natural design.

The mobility of the advertising medium provides an individual route for every campaign. So, we are able to plan the best routes to achieve the campaign goals. Our charismatic trucks are suitable for recruiting campaigns, Guerilla actions and various events, because they easily can get to every location.

If you decide to record professional photo and video material of the driving trucks in front of a carefully selected scenery, you can use those materials in online marketing. Truck ads provide a good opportunity for a crossmedia-mix.

Truck advertisement as mobile OOH ads persuade with a giant and striking advertising space. It provides an unique advertisement space while parking and driving. Due to the giant size and the mobility, truck advertisements guarantee to be salient.