“Come to the Autobahn” campaign

OnTruck celebrates a new cooperation in Employer Branding. Together with our first state customer ”Die Autobahn GmbH” we were able to produce a mobile OOH campaign to present the new founded company as an employer for potential employees. The Autobahn GmbH will be responsible for the whole motorway network (13000km) in Germany. The Autobahn GmbH as an employer provides a modern workspace and opportunities for further development. The company wants to recruit 15000 employees for 280 locations.

Antje Christmann from “Die Autobahn GmbH” says ”We want to thank OnTruck for the professional and creative cooperation – We were already able to realize a photo shooting in front of the Brandenburger Tor.”

Raphael Camara, CEO of OnTruck says ”We are happy to welcome Die Autobahn GmbH as a new partner. With that interesting Employer Branding campaign, we are able to reach out to lots of potential employees in a creative and budget friendly way.”

About OnTruck

OnTruck was founded in 2018 and offers companies an end-to-end service for large-scale OOH-campaigns on top of giant trucks.
Customers benefit of the impressive advertisement spaces (about 80 qm per truck) in the ad-free surrounding on motorways, low prices and the opportunity to select regional routes. OnTruck has a cooperation with about 100.000 trucks and a big network made up by printing and installation partners. Additionally, it is crucial for OnTruck that they won´t use empty trucks just for advertising purposes. The truck tarpaulins won´t be thrown away after the campaigns, but they will be upcycled to bags, backpacks or other accessories.