Lifestyle & Marketing

Do you know the beer brand Beck´s? – They represent an adventurous lifestyle, freedom and passion. You don´t just buy beer, you buy a part of a lifestyle.

If you want to do marketing for a product, it is crucial to attach a commonly known meaning, an image to it. Advertisers use signs to do that. Those are not graphic signs but more symbols or identifying features. Those symbols or identifying features are part of existing ideas of lifestyles or a commonly known mental concept, that advertisers want to link their product to.

In the book “British Cultural studies-An introduction” Graeme Turner explains the use of signs in marketing exemplified with an Australian yogurt brand. This brand produced a lot of tv spots. The performer in the spots were recorded surfing, sailing, or skiing and while doing various other activities. There is no obvious connection between the yogurt and the spot. But, because they implemented scenes in the spot that show the performers consuming the yogurt, the yogurt got linked to that lifestyle. The yogurt relates to the ideals of youth, naturalness, and a healthy lifestyle in the nature. The yogurt became a lifestyle product. During the campaign the attached lifestyle is emphasized, and not the taste of the yogurt.

A lot of campaigns use the widespread imagination, that a good appearance is linked towards success in every part of life. No matter if it is success in career or private daily life. An overall satisfied lifestyle seems to be guaranteed. Therefore, a lot of campaigns show performer that are matching the current ideal.

The campaigns convey a specific lifestyle and give an image towards the products. People of the audience that identify with the depicted lifestyles or want to achieve them, hope that they don’t only buy the product but a part of that specific lifestyle.