OnTruck became market leader and profitable in 2 years

The company already caused a stir in 2018 and now creates a next excitement. In 2019 OnTruck became market leader in the realm of truck advertisement in Germany. No company produced more advertisement on truck tarpaulins than they did in the last year. About 10.000 qm advertisement space proof, that the company sustainably established on the market and strives for more expansion on the market.

“We’ve got off to a good start and revealed that we take this seriously. We have a lot of plans for the next years, and we want to roll up the German advertising market further” said CEO and founder Raphael Camara.

A further positive trend is continued. The start-up shows a growth in the second year after the foundation and is profitable as well. “We are happy about the results and are looking forward to an interesting year 2020. The team will be expanded and get some help on the strategically level “, said Robert Ermich, Co-founder of OnTruck.

About OnTruck

OnTruck was founded in 2018 and provides brands and companies giant advertisement spaces on trucks and other mobile advertisement media. OnTruck is nowadays one of the leading providers for mobile Out-of-Home advertisement. It combinates size and quality to achieve more affordable costs than usual OOH advertisement. Attention at big events or on the road is guaranteed and supported by data. It is important for the start up from Berlin that they are not producing further CO2 emissions. That is why they just use existing routes from their forwarding partners. The company exclusively works with forwarding partners that have fleet of trucks that are certified from EURO 6 vehicles. Additionally, they offer upcycling projects. The truck tarpaulins won´t be thrown away after the campaigns, but they will be upcycled to bags, backpacks, or other accessories.