Guerilla marketing using trucks

Consumers are daily flooded by an enormous number of advertising messages. So, it is very hard for advertisers to stand out. A lot of companies use the surprise effect of Guerilla marketing to be salient.

Ambient marketing

Ambient marketing is known as OOH advertisement of Guerilla marketing. The living environment in public space is surprisingly changed. This often happens at well visited places, like train stations, central places, well used streets, or house walls. Often, the ambient concept does not fit into the environment. Usually, they use very tiny or enormously big advertisement media. The Guerrilla instrument surprises its consumers because of the unusual and unconventional depiction.

Guerilla marketing examples

Miele advertises with a giant depiction of a vacuum cleaner head attached to a tall pillar. It seems that the vacuum cleaner sucked in a hot air balloon. This emphasizes the high power of the vacuum cleaners. Mc Donald’s advertises for a bag of French fries in their classic design at a well visited street. The pedestrian crosswalk looks like a bag of French fries. The holiday home provider hometogo planned a Guerilla event with our trucks to celebrate their entrance in the stock market. They placed an ad-giant in front of the stock market in Frankfurt and one in front of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. They attracted a lot of attention. This Guerrilla event even made it in the OOH Magazin!!!

Trucks as a Guerilla instrument

A crucial characteristic of truck ads is their mobility. That’s why they provide a big capability for Guerilla advertisement in public space. The trucks can get everywhere with small effort. Therefore, they are perfect as a advertising medium for Guerilla marketing.

You can choose either colourful tarpaulins with bold slogans or three-dimensional tarpaulins. Truck advertisement persuades with various design opportunities. Additionally, the giant size of the trucks reinforces impressive Guerilla marketing. 80 qm space, to get creative! The trucks offer a lot of free space to realize extravagant and unusual productions.

Our trucks always create a giant appearance. They are the main character wherever they roll. Trucks as a Guerilla instrument provide a lot of space for creativity and convince with size, boldness and mobility!