OnTruck & Planetly

Berlin, 4th November 2020- OnTruck and Planetly settled a cooperation to be able to compensate carbon dioxide emissions on the roads in Germany and Europe. The aim is to reduce the Carbon-Footprint of the freight traffic.

“Climate change has to concern everyone, and we should focus more on this topic in the future”, says Raphael Camara, CEO of OnTruck.

OnTruck already only used existing regional and national routes of their forwarding partners in the past to conduct their campaigns. Therefore, a campaign by OnTruck already has been emission friendly. Additionally, they do not throw away truck tarpaulins after the campaigns, but they upcycle them as high-quality and sustainable bags and various accessories.

In the future OnTruck and Planetly will calculate the emissions that the print, foiling and maintenance of the campaigns produce. OnTruck will compensate those emissions and additionally will compensate every driven kilometre of the trucks during the campaigns. This is achieved with the sponsoring and support of various global and national climate protection projects. For example, in the realms of reafforestation or renewable energies. “We are glad to be able to calculate the whole carbon dioxide footprint that OnTruck’s campaigns produce. Additionally, we hope to motivate others to work for the climate protection as well.”, adds Anna Alex, founder of Planetly.

Therefore, customers won’t just benefit by climate neutral OOH ads, but support OnTruck and Planetly in compensating existing emissions. This engagement will be communicated with a verified seal by Planetly on top of the trucks.

“We are glad that we used that option for our core business to make a positive impact in climate protection. “, concludes OnTruck CO-founder Robert Ermich.

About OnTruck

OnTruck was founded in 2018 and offers companies an end-to-end service for large-scale OOH-campaigns on top of giant trucks.
Customers benefit of the impressive advertisement spaces (about 80 qm per truck) in the ad-free surrounding on motorways, low prices, and the opportunity to select regional routes. OnTruck has a cooperation with about 100.000 trucks and a big network made up by printing and installation partners.

About Planetly

Planetly is a climate-tech-company, that develops digital tools, that can help to calculate the CO2-emissions of companies, reduce, and compensate them. The aim is to make the business world climate neutral. Planetly automizes the process of the data collection to be able to analyse the CO2 emissions constantly and in real time. Because the analysis is done with real data, it offers the necessary transparency to transcribe the CO2 footprint into reasonable measures and reduce it. Planetly was founded in 2020 by Anna Alex and Benedikt Franke in Berlin.