Crossmedia marketing

Crossmedia marketing- connection of analogue and digital marketing

If you are launching a product, planning a rebranding, or conducting a campaign to increase the awareness of your brand – it is always a smart strategy to use various advertising forms in a media-mix. Therefore, customers can be addressed via various channels.

Long-lasting brand images using a media-mix

A single touchpoint with a campaign or a brand is often not enough to create a brand image in the consumer’s head. A frequent touchpoint on various digital and analogue platforms is important in order to be memorized as a brand. It is crucial to use the connection points between both advertising opportunities to achieve successful crossmedia marketing.

Truck advertisement used in digital marketing

Truck advertisement is highly relevant in crossmedia marketing. We record professional photo and video material of the trucks and by that offer the opportunity for our customers to implement their Out-of-Home campaign in digital projects.

Drone footage represents the trucks in front of a carefully selected scenery. The photo and video materials can be used for Social-media platforms. Additionally, there is the opportunity to create a contest for the community. For example, could you say “spot the truck, post it in your instagram story and tag us” or similar ideas. This creates another link between analogue and digital marketing.

Our customer Schilkin uses trucks designed in the style of Berliner Luft to present their brand impressively on the streets of Germany. We produce drone footage of the driving trucks in front of the Brandenburger Tor, when crossing the Oberbaumbrücke, or other spaces, that represent Berlin.

DOOH marketing provides another opportunity to connect digital and analogue marketing. Our LED- truck is the perfect hybrid to create a digital, but Out-of-Home campaign. The routes can be selected individually. Additionally, the OnTruck-LED truck has 4 displays and a 360-degree view to show content.

Crossmedia marketing pays off. It is crucial to implement the Out-of-Home campaign in the digital marketing strategy. Hence you can create the best recognition value for your target audience.