OnTruck’s climate goals

We´ve made it our mission to produce climate positive campaigns. Therefore, we asked Planetly for support. The technology start-up is centred in Berlin. It calculates the carbon dioxide emissions of companies and supports them to reduce these emissions.

We already use existing routes of our forwarding partners to circumvent producing further carbon dioxide emissions. We never use empty trucks for advertising purposes.

We are able to compensate the emissions that are produced in print, foiling and maintenance of our campaigns in cooperation with Planetly. We are part of the sponsoring of two global climate protection projects. Because we compensate the carbon dioxide emissions of every driven kilometre during our campaigns, we create climate positive campaigns!

We support a Gold Standard Project in Maharashtra in India. This project reduces greenhouse gases and at the same time is important towards the local environment and social circumstances. This project is aiming to implement renewable energies into the power supply system. Due to that the air pollution caused by power plants that work with fossil fuels is reduced. This project provides work spaces, educates employees, and prevents the emission of 73.000 tons of CO2 equivalents per year.

Additionally, we are part of the protection of 182.000 hectare of the Andean rainforest in Peru. This area suffers intensive deforestation, illegal lumbering, and unsustainable agriculture. This project is verified by the VCS and the CCBS. It leads to a reduction in emissions about 515.268 tons CO2 equivalents per year.  

OnTruck compensates 5.000-10.000 tons of CO2 equivalents per year on its own!

Until now we put lots of sustainability projects into action. OnTruck upcycles truck tarpaulins and supports global climate protection projects. We are always looking for new inspirations to create a sustainable company. Fingers crossed for various excellent ideas!