The steady growth of the OOH branch

Since 1975 there is a steady growth of the OOH branch. OOH advertisement produces in 2020 988 million euros in Germany. Even if there is a setback in turnover in comparison to the previous year, we are aware of the qualities of OOH advertisement and are confident there will be an ongoing growth in the future.

The crucial benefit of OOH ads is in their rare being. Everybody has various touchpoints with OOH ads in everyday life. It is advertisement that everybody consumes. – If you are waiting at a train station, you are on your way to the grocery store or you are on a road trip on the motorway- you are perceiving OOH advertisements. Independently in which age or life situation people currently are, OOH reaches out to them. A lot of advertisers already realized that OOH is inevitable and use it to increase their brand awareness and attention.

The entrance in digitization brought lots of innovations into the branch. The digital           Out-of-Home advertisements enjoyed a big popularity during the last years. In Germany OOH ads produced net sales about 1,2 billion euros in 2019. Of these net sales, 229 million euros were produced by DOOH advertisement. There are already 100.000 installed screens. Those are a record of the growth of DOOH. OnTruck offers DOOH as well. Our LED trucks provide 4 LED screens with 23 qm. The LED trucks allow customers to admire pictures, videos, and spots 24/7.

The gross sales of OOH have been 201,9 million euros in July 2021. Therewith the gross sales are higher than in the year before the pandemic. OOH is back on track and is now able to   re-join in on the steady growth. The PwC forecasts a clear increase in net sales of OOH advertisement in Germany towards 1,4 billion euros per year till 2024. The DOOH branch should have gained even more popularity till then and is supposed to produce about a third of the turnovers.

We are excited for a lot of creative OOH campaigns in all their varieties!