Truck advertisement completes the Media-Mix

Truck advertisement persuades with a giant and striking advertisement space. While parking and driving it provides an unique advertisement for a product or a brand! It completes the Media-Mix.

You can produce a lot of attention with 80 qm big advertisements in the usually ad-free surrounding on motorways and country roads. There are no limits to the design possibilities. 

The routes of the trucks are individually controllable. Hence customers can select the best route out of our suggestions in order to achieve their campaign goals. For every campaign can be selected if the ads should roll in a particular city, a specific region or in the whole DACH area. The GPS data of the trucks are transmitted to us, and can be examined by our customers at any time. 

Due to the mobility of the trucks, they have a giant audience. One truck gains about 1 million views per month. Everybody is part of the public traffic in daily life and is inevitably in touch with our city-trucks and our motor trucks in the cities or on the motorways. Campaigns using truck advertisement reach out to commuters, cyclists, drivers, pedestrians- briefly- to every population group.

Truck advertisement is a relevant cornerstone of a successful Media-Mix. We produce valuable drone footage of the advertising trucks on their daily routes. Then our customers are able to implement the Out-of-Home campaign into their digital projects.

Truck advertisements depict a strong brand and a high quality. Additionally, they achieve a higher Ad-Recall than usual campaigns. Our advertisement trucks are suitable for marketing campaigns, recruiting campaigns, Guerilla actions, events, or product launches!