The impact of OOH advertisement

OOH impact study 2022: Be emotional

The Fachverband Außenwerbung conducted a study to explore the impact of OOH advertisement. In the OOH impact study 2022: Be emotional is investigated, how OOH can use emotions to be salient. OOH advertisements form the public space. They provide a wide range of consumers and a high amount of views. As the number of impressions is very high in public space, your advertisement must be salient, in order to be seen.

During the study was tested, which physical response different motifs released in the experimentees. Those psychophysiological data were used to compute various KPIs. In this study the emotional performance of the motifs is investigated via the KPIs: attraction, relevance, sympathy and reflexion.

In the Top 10 of the study is a poster of fritz-kola. The poster sets a statement about plastic bottles. The poster was designed in black and white, which is usual for the brand. It depicts a devil producing plastic bottles. It shows the slogan ”plastikflaschen kommen direkt von satan” and shocks with that slogan. It encourages you to reflect about the topic. Besides the poster is produced with humour.

How is it possible to improve the impact of Out-of-Home advertisement?

Since OOH advertisements have a low contact time, it is important that the ad is even perceived. To improve the effect of OOH advertisement, you must attract attention. To create this effect, you can use different resources. You can arouse curiosity, depict fun, seduce, shock, or irritate the consumer. You have to engage the consumer emotionally in OOH in a few seconds, because otherwise they won´t recognize the advertisement.

In comparison towards analogue OOH, digital OOH offers more opportunities for storytelling in marketing. This facilitates the process of arousing emotions in consumers. However, the story should be concise and poignant. And you should be able to enter the story at every point.

As a recommendation for advertisers can be concluded that the impact of OOH ads can be improved if the ad manages to wake up consumers from their routines. The ad must be salient during all the impressions, messages, and information in the public space.

So, it is important to arouse emotions with the advertisement. This is best achieved in using implicit codes that are shocking or irritating towards the consumers. Those codes must be easy to decipher and current. Besides the message and the motif should be in harmony and they should match the campaign goal and the brand image.