Berliner Luft sprinter advertisement

A kiss from Berlin

Berliner Luft– the peppermint liqueur from Berlin. The charismatic drink from the capital fascinates young and old people. If you need some clarity- just breathe some air and stay calm!

Case details

As a company that is centred in Berlin, we are a big fan of Berliner Luft and the peppermint liquor fills up a special part of our hearts. If we were to be a truck, the peppermint liquor would be the gasoline that makes us get going.

We are truly honored that in addition to the 40 tons of Berliner Luft, there will be lots of Berliner Luft sprinter advertisement to advertise the charismatic drink from the party scene of Berlin. The party outfit of the Berliner Luft sprinter is a composition made by mint, pink and white. To spread the clear and fresh Berliner Luft in urban areas in Austria and Swiss, the sprinters will be driving a whole year.

The design of the back of the truck shows famous sights of the capital like the TV tower or the Brandenburg gate. In front of them is a fan of Berliner Luft and she recommends: “Just Breathe air! And stay calm!”

The side space of the sprinter is decorated with a contour of the Berlin landmarks and a giant depiction of a bottle of Berliner Luft. The famous logo of Berliner Luft is there to complete the composition.

The Berliner Luft sprinter advertisement transports the colorful and loud city towards Vienna, Zurich and Bern- simply a load of Berlin air.