Clever Fit

Achieve the goal with our pickup ads

Clever Fit – with around 460 studios and approximately 800.000 members, is in Germany one of the fitness and lifestyle chains with the most locations. At the end of the year a new fitness studio in Augsburg Hochzoll invites you to train with them. The reopening is accompanied by the strong appearance – literally strong- of our Clever Fit City Truck advertisement…

Case details

In the red and black branding design of the fitness giant, the company hopes to win new customers for the studio in Augsburg Hochzoll and to train them in a clever way. The goal is to gain muscles to swing the hammer. Strong and confident women serve as role models for the success of training at Clever Fit. According to our motto: Go big (muscles) or go home!

The Clever Fit City Truck advertisement will be on the road in Augsburg- exactly where the potential customers for the new opening can be found. Our individual routes help regionally based companies to avoid stray. Best exemplified with the Clever Fit campaign and its focus on Augsburg. You can read more advantages of our truck advertising here. To achieve a good appearance during the whole persevering running time, we decided to use the High- End tarpaulin 900 g/qm.

We are confident: Augsburg Hochzoll will get as strong as Hulk! Nevertheless, we are against showdowns in road traffic…