Deuba XXL

Diversive truck load

Deuba XXL – offers a big selection with about 4500 products.  The online shop provides everything- starting with a last minute present – stopping at high-quality furniture for the garden and it ends with pet supplies for our fury friends.

Case details

If you have that big amount of variety as Deuba XXL you need a XXL advertisement. How could you otherwise represent the whole selection?! The company decided to do a cosy design, that invites you to go shopping. Everybody finds something that they need at Deuba XXL. The bracket at the bottom of the side of the truck does promise this as well. This bracket shows every realm of the selection.

The Deuba XXL truck advertisement represents a national logistic. This leads the customer to the idea, that the online shop is endless, reliable, and trustworthy. This is the same for every company that offers goods for daily use. Look here for the Berliner Luft example.

Even in the geographical sense does Deuba XXL roll gigantic. The advertisement giant rolls for 6 months through every part of Germany. To get a shiny appearance the Deuba XXL truck advertisement is equipped with the High-End premium foil Orajet 3551 RA inclusive the shiny protection layer Oraguard 215.

We hope that the Deuba XXL Truck achieves XXL campaign goals…