Looking for wild jaunts?

DILDOKING – a wet dream has come true: we were able to attract DILDOKING as another major customer. Our long thing branded with their logo is a real eye-catcher in traffic. For more playful joyrides on Germany’s roads. But beware! Please do not bump from behind.

Case details

The design for the DILDOKING truck advertisement is simple and yet effective. With the yellow DILDOKING lettering and the unusual dildo trident, the branding is unmistakable in traffic and the brand is catchy for the viewer. Do you want to test your own design on a truck? Then unleash your creativity with our configurator!

The aim of the campaign is to expand the market position of the erotic giant and create more space for love in the population.

The DILDOKING truck advertisement will be on the roads and highways in and around Berlin for 1 year and for at least 100,000 kilometres. As always, these are not empty rides, but primarily transport these goods for daily needs. Well, or better said as often as you need it.

What can we say: For us, it´s the size that counts: the giant truck with its lively, funny design drives mainly in Berlin and surroundings, where the erotic giant is based. To achieve a good appearance during the whole running time, we decided to use the High-End premium foil Orajet 3551 RA inclusive the glossy protection layer Oraguard 215.

We wish you a pleasant ride…