Mobile repair service

iRiparo – is a company with stores, that are specialized in repairing smartphones of every brand. They offer various additional products and services, for example refurbished devices, smartphone accessories and the software iRiparo transfer.

Case details

The iRiparo truck advertisement promotes the 10 iRiparo shops in Germany. Whether in Dortmund, Essen, or Leverkusen – highly trained technicians await you on-site.

The truck travels through Neuss, Cologne, and Münster, proudly presenting the company’s offerings. Our trucks are pampered in the workshop, and phones are taken care of at iRiparo. The equivalent of changing tires, wrapping, and inspections can be found at iRiparo shops.

Only the technicians from iRiparo are as fast on the road as our trucks! Many repairs can be done on the same day.

The side panel of the iRiparo truck advertisement is gradient from dark blue to light blue! Prominently featured is a distressed customer with a shattered display. The text next to it emphasizes fast repair!

We wish you a safe journey…


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