L’Oréal truck advertisement

L’Oréal is the number 1 cosmetics company in Germany and worldwide. L’Oréal offers about 36 brands in all cosmetic segments.

L’Oréal truck advertising is the next logical step for the largest cosmetics producer in the world!

Case details

The L’Oréal truck ad is the most beautiful one we’ve ever seen. The truck has a radiant complexion, the rims have been freshly painted and indeed a seductive look in the eyes. Well prepared, the truck is on its way to the catwalk in Hamburg. The L’Oréal truck will strut through Hamburg for 3 months and present the company in an excellent way.

The bright orange of the L’Oréal truck spreads a good mood, and the bright colour attracts attention! This is how L’Oréal advertises the new serum and promises customers skin that is as radiant as the one of our truck.



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