Keep on rolling!

OCB – is one of the most famous producers of cigarette paper worldwide. The French brand offers a big selection of smoking accessories in high quality.

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Also in 2022, it’s all about “Keep on Rolling” for the sustainable OCB Craft! Our OCB City-Truck advertising has performed exceptionally well, which is why the city trucks will continue to roll through the streets in the new OCB style throughout the summer months this year. Sustainability is a crucial theme. Feel free to read about how we are advocating for climate protection through truck advertising. All in line with the motto: Roll on and save the planet.



A producer of cigarette paper with cult status and our rustic trucks- it was just about time. You can find further advantages that have convinced OCB here. Our campaign should make the OCB Craft as famous as the No.4 in blue. The new unbleached and short paper made from natural hemp looks fabulous on the side of our OCB City-Truck advertising. Of course, in King Size and not foldable – but daily on the road! The new completely recyclable packaging fascinates as well.

The OCB City-Truck advertising is on the road for about 3. I can be spotted in Ruhr region, Freiburg, Cologne, and Berlin. It generates a lot of attention while driving. Start rolling, because handmade is heartmate…