(Mint) Green Wave

VAAY – OnTruck puts VAAY on truck. We were able to convince the rapidly growing Start-Up from Berlin to acknowledge the qualities of truck advertisement. The online shop that offers CBD products and hemp products combined with lifestyle charm provides everything there is to get good sleep. They provide CBD mouth spray, oils and cosmetics. VAAY doesn’t make you high, it just puts you onto the right track.

Case details

The VAAY campaign with OnTruck is aiming to accompany the Launch of the new CBD products and represent the company in public.

The truck advertisement will be accompanied by other OOH media during the campaign. The company wants to create a Media-Mix that guarantees a successful campaign.

(mint)green wave in Berlin – the trucks with a design in a vibrant green are rolling through Berlin. For the first time a customer of ours decided to do a combination of trucks and city trucks. Due to that customers in the small regions next to Berlin and the city girlzzz and boyzzz will see the VAAY products.

Berlin can catch the relaxing vaaybs of the VAAY trucks for 3 whole months.

To achieve a high quality during the campaign we decided to use the High-End premium foil Orajet 3551 RA inclusive the glossy protection layer Oraguard 215.

We are happy to see relaxed and chill people in public…