Iron Trucks

What is OnTruck?

We are a marketing company centred in Berlin that offers truck advertisement. Our work is aiming towards conducting climate neutral and giant OOH campaigns. To achieve that goal, we are using existing routes of the daily delivery traffic from our forwarding partners in Berlin, Germany and the European Union. We deliver campaigns wherever our partners need them. We offer individual routes for every campaign, so our customers can select their target area. They can decide if they need a national, regional, or urban campaign. Wherever your target group is centred, you are able to adjust the campaign and choose a city or a region where your campaign should roll.

OnTruck x Union:

Besides our big love for marketing, we have an affair with football. Because we are so passionate about football, we always end up in a football stadium. As a company from Berlin, we are often for a visit in the Alte Försterei in Berlin. We love the magical feeling in the stadium and the community there. Football has the power to bring various people and characters together. Football connects people and brings them together. We always enjoy that feeling when we are in the stadium of the 1. FC Union in Köpenick in Berlin.

What is unique about truck advertising?

Our campaigns are carefully targeted and increase the marketing efficiency in a Media-Mix. The trucks offer about 80 qm advertisement surface that can be designed in a creative way. The massive size of the truck and the mobility guarantee that the truck is salient in whatever surrounding. Impressive video and photo materials can be recorded of the driving trucks. Those materials can be used in online marketing and social media posts. Always when a member of a company sees their own truck rolling on the road, they are enjoying it!

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