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Aldi Nord– The company is one of the leading food retailers. The mission is to provide products that people need for their daily life everywhere and every time. They are spread across Europe in 9 countries, they contain above 5000 shops and consist of 80000 employees. Just Aldi. Powered by People.

Case details

Aldi Nord truck advertisement recruits for one year motivated employees. Our 40 tons of power support the search for branch managers and vendors. The professional video material shows the Aldi truck driving towards rival retail chains to put the message to the correct target audience.

The Aldi Nord truck advertisement is designed in a vibrant blue and very classy. It trusts the gigantic size and high range of the truck advertisement. The pleased and happy expression of the female employee depicts the positive energy in the company. The design is printed on our high value foil to achieve a perfect appearance.

More and more companies are using truck advertising with OnTruck for their HR campaigns. The same applies to Mach Köln or the WHU.

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