The orange heroes

Autohero – is the online shop that offers used cars. They offer about 1000 cars and all of the usual brands and models. So, everybody must find a fitting car. In Germany the checked used cars are shipped directly and for free in front of your door. The guarantee secures your investment. You can adjust the financing and authorization to your liking.

Case details

Dear Autoheros, we are glad to be your campaign heroes!

We support the mission of the Autoheros with 80 tons of focused advertisement power in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. We want to increase the brand awareness and get new customers excited about the service that Autohero offers.

The Autohero truck advertisement roll for 3 months on the German motorways. The heroes decided to do concise and clear images and texts. Next to a big branding are the listed benefits that the company has to offer. The image of the car in combination with the smartphone depicts, that the purchase is dealt digitally. To all of our future campaigns we would recommend that concise way to convey their campaign message. If the message is that concise and bold than every car driver will be able to grasp the message while driving. Aldi Nord and Vinos are also very good examples for this.

The lucid design of the Autohero truck advertisement is printed on the High-End premium foil Oracal 1660 inclusive a matt UV protection layer.

The Autohero truck advertisement shines as brightly as a flying hero in a comic…