Car on Sale

Used cars conquer Austria

Car on Sale – is the innovative online marketplace for used car dealers. From trading to online auctions, the forum offers a variety of options to significantly simplify the process of buying and selling cars. Particularly beneficial is the extensive network, as Car on Sale is considered the fastest growing online marketplace in Europe.

Case details

Fast growth – a great medium, thought Car on Sale, when it utilized our 40-ton trucks for advertising purposes. In the midst of traffic, where interest in cars is high, this oversized advertising space moves and attracts curious looks for three months in Linz. With our trucks, Car on Sale expands its advertising territory beyond Germany, further solidifying its market leader position in Europe.

We offer truck advertising throughout Central Europe and continuously work to expand our advertising territory. In addition to Germany, we have already advertised in Austria, Switzerland, and Northern Italy. You are welcome to inquire about other advertising territories, and we will make them happen!

Car on Sale truck advertisement has cleverly utilized the advertising medium. The sides of the trucks promote the marketplace for smooth used car trading, while the rear is used to recruit more employees. Thanks to the 80 square meters of advertising space, multiple advertising messages are possible on one medium.

What connects both messages is the design. Car on Sale truck advertisement opts for a serious gray and striking yellow, which is skillfully used here.

Additionally, Car on Sale has selected a photo package to roll out the Car on Sale truck advertisement online as well. Our team accompanies the wrapped truck for a day and, upon request, drives to hotspots. The Car on Sale truck prominently advertised in front of car dealerships that also offer used cars. We are happy to drive the truck directly to the customer, to the competition, or to (corporate) events such as trade shows to focus attention on the company. Aldi Nord and Spitzhüttel Home Company have already successfully implemented similar strategies. We are always open to creative and witty ideas and are happy to advise you on them as well.

Well then, off to the dream car…