Delay Sports

Bullseye all the way!

Delay Sports is a football team centred in Berlin. It was founded by Elias Nerlich and Sidney Friede. The team is currently in the league C and fills football stadiums every time they are playing.

Case details

The biggest fan of the football team is our Delay Sports truck! Even as a little truck he kicked with his friends on the parking lot. When he got the big news that he is going to be honoured with its idol on the tarpaulin, he got very excited. The truck rolls confidently through Berlin and represents his favourite football team with giant energy!

The truck is very classy. The basis of the tarpaulin of the Delay Sports truck is a dark blue. On top of it is a team picture with a lot of happy and proud faces. The logo is on the back of the truck.

We are really glad, that we are able to be a part of this team’s journey!