Freenet Energy

Energy supply for traffic

Freenet Energy – is the leading distributor for energy products in Germany. They offer climate neutral photovoltaic power, gas and infrared heating options.

Case details

Freenet is known as a provider of smart mobile phone plans, but the company offers much more than that. In addition to mobile phone plans, it also has an energy comparison portal and a range of energy products. To make these products more known, the company relies the freenet energy truck advertisement.

The two product areas are united by the testimonial “Dieter Bohlen,” which creates a high level of recognition. For this reason, his image is seen on every side of the truck. Freenet Energy truck advertisement takes him on a truly MEGA ride. The truck commutes between Berlin and Hamburg for a year, reaching millions of drivers and commuters.

The integration of the logo and URL is particularly successful, as they occupy a prominent place in the design. Other successful examples include Deuba XXL and LKW Teile 24. This ensures that even at high speeds, such as on the highway, the most important information can be easily read.

And that’s what Freenet Energy’s truck advertising is all about with the slogan: Finally, fully energize your journey…


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