Get out of the car and on top of mountains!

Hometogo – The online platform with the highest number in vacation houses and vacation flats worldwide. It offers inspiration for interesting holiday destinations and the perfect accommodation.

Case details

HomeToGo truck advertisement encourages everybody that longs a vacation to get their own and individual type of relaxation. If they are looking for an adventure, a city trip or a beach holiday -Hometogo provides the perfect accommodation for every type of vacation.

There are trucks in every part of Germany that present creative messages like ”Raus aus dem Auto, ab in die Berge” or “Ferienhaus mit Pool: Legendääääär” on the road.

With the giant advertisement in a size about 82 qm the HomeToGo truck advertisement evoke wanderlust on the motorways. The population of cities is invited by 40 qm City trucks to relax. We accompanied the stock market launch of Hometogo with a Guerilla Event in Berlin and Frankfurt. Two of the trucks caused a sensation in front of the Brandenburger Tor and the stock market building in Frankfurt. Every year our trucks also advertise MYRA at the SZ Economic Summit – as you can see, we like to support events with our trucks.

To keep the clear air in the mountains, the lucid water on the Mediterranean Sea and the calming harmony in the forest- the campaign is climate neutral and verified with the OnTruck climate seal!