Straßen.NRW – plans, builds and maintains the majority of motorways, in North Rhine-Westphalia. They are always aware of the needs of the inhabitants and the climate protection.

Case details

The truck rolls above the streets in North Rhine-Westphalia in the country-specific colours red, green and white. It directly passes the river Rhine and examines what the own company builds. Because of the excellent quality of the streets the truck almost flies above the tar.

The banner ”Nicht stillstehen und meckern! In Bewegung kommen und machen!“ represents Straßen.NRW as an employer and decorates the side of the truck. The slogan “Bewegte Zeiten-Sicherer Job!“ decorates the back of the Straßen.NRW truck advertisement. The advertisement slogan is carefully adjusted towards the advertising medium. Due to that the advertisement is more efficient. Whoever wants to help to spruce the West of Germany up, can do so while working at Straßen.NRW! Many partners have now utilized the trucks as an HR campaign. Besides Straßen.NRW truck advertisement, Aldi and WHU are examples.

Smooth ride on one’s own product…