Obst und Gemüse e.V.

Fresh and crispy on the road

Obst und Gemüse e.V. – The federal association of the organization Obst und Gemüse e. V. (BVEO) is a national collaboration of all producing organizations for German fruits and vegetables. It secures the high-quality standards.

Case details

A Truck a day- to celebrate the Day of the German apple on the 11th of January they produced a crispy campaign on the road. As part of the ”Deutschland-Mein Garten“ campaign they are aiming to highlight the benefits of local products in their seasoning. They are aiming to emphasize the fresh, high-quality and environmental benefits of fruits and vegetables in Germany.

Our trucks rolled 2 months with a 80 qm big slogan ”Esst mehr deutschen Apfel“ through Berlin und Munich. Attention- They got a big appleause for that. – Attention end.

Especially the photo shooting in front of the Brandenburger Tor and the Olympiastadium generated a lot of attention. Not only on the road, but also online.

Now everybody will be prepared for the next road-trip with an apple as a healthy snack.