Obst und Gemüse e.V.

Fresh and juicy on the road

Obst und Gemüse e.V. – The federal association of the organization Obst und Gemüse e. V. (BVEO) is a national collaboration of all producing organizations for German fruits and vegetables. It secures the high-quality standards.

Case details

A Truck a day- to celebrate the Day of the German apple on the 11th of January they produced a crispy campaign on the road. As part of the ”Deutschland-Mein Garten“ campaign they are aiming to highlight the benefits of local products in their seasoning. They are aiming to emphasize the fresh, high-quality and environmental benefits of fruits and vegetables in Germany.

Our Obst und Gemüse e.V. truck advertisement rolled 2 months with a 80 qm big slogan ”Esst mehr deutschen Apfel“ through Berlin und Munich. Attention- They got a big appleause for that. – Attention end.

The photo shoots in front of Berlin’s sights, such as the Brandenburger Tor or the Olympiastadion, have attracted attention. And not just on the streets but also online. If you want to extend your truck campaign online, we offer professional images of your truck. In addition to the Obst und Gemüse e.V. truck advertisement, Die Autobahn or iRiparo are also good references so you can get an impression of our media package.

Now everybody will be prepared for the next road-trip with an apple as a healthy snack…