Octopus Energy

Full of energy

Octopus Energy – maintains wind power plants in the UK and Germany and is a sustainable electricity provider. Their overall goal is that the globally needed energy can be generated sustainably.

Case details

The Octopus Energy truck advertisement is fishing new employees in Munich. They are looking for various professions, for example electricians or logistic workers. The company needs more employees, so they will be able to work harder for their goal. The truck is designed in a dark violet. On top of it is the slogan “Die Welt braucht Wärmepumpen. Wir brauchen Dich.“

The incredibly cute brand ambassador is shown on the side of the truck as well. A little, pink octopus with big eyes and a construction helmet on top of its head. He has a pushcart and a heat pump. He just managed to get the heat pump out of the car and wants to install it on its own. What a nice colleague.We had create many HR campaigns. For example, for the Deutsche Rentenversicherung and Aldi.

If there are a small, cute octopus and a gigantic, eye-catching truck combined in a cooperation it is always a successful project.

We hope for an energy-charged octopus energy truck advertisement campaign…